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IFR Fix: AOA and IMC

When a Cessna 182T single-engine airplane crashed a mile short of a Texas airport in 1.5-mile visibility, broken clouds at 800 feet, a 1,300-foot overcast, and “heavy drizzle,” the impact occurred, investigators said, “in a nose-low attitude, consistent with a stall/spin.” …read more Via:: AOPA       

Scholarship opportunities abound in February

Scholarship applications are opening in February for those interested in aviation-related career fields, including technical and maintenance fields. In addition, scholarships for flight training also are open to enthusiasts in Wisconsin and Michigan. …read more Via:: AOPA       

FAA, Santa Monica reach deal to keep airport open until end of 2028

The FAA and city of Santa Monica announced Jan. 28 that they reached an agreement to keep Santa Monica Municipal Airport open and operating until Dec. 31, 2028. The news took many stakeholders by surprise, and the deal is being met with mixed emotions. …read more Via:: AOPA