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Aircraft Maintenance: Tips for prop tracking

Thinking about the forces at work on an aircraft while it’s flying, we naturally think about lift, thrust, drag, etc. After all, the foundation of flight training begins with a focus on how these forces keep the aircraft in the air. …read more Via:: AOPA       

Training Tip: How bad leads to worse

Maybe climbing on top of this supposedly localized cloud deck en route to your cross-country destination wasn’t such a great idea. …read more Via:: AOPA       

Civil War battlefield, modern-day playground

Chattanooga has long been a destination for those interested in Civil War history, who visit for its battlefields, museums, and re-enactments. But this little city offers much more, and in December it’s all dressed up with decorations and special festivities. Just fly to Chattanooga’s Lovell Field Airport in southeastern Tennessee, near the borders of Georgia