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‘Glitches’ raise new questions about airline ATC takeover

Recent airline technology mishaps raise new questions about the proposal in Washington, D.C., to give control of the air traffic system to the airlines and special interest groups, five consumer and aviation groups said in a joint release Dec. 6. …read more Via:: AOPA       

Pilot volunteers save sea turtles

“I tell everybody that Idaho is the sea turtle capitol of the world because I’m here,” True-Lock aviation fastener founder Leslie Weinstein told AOPA. Although he now lives 2,500 miles from his Eastern Seaboard childhood home, Weinstein holds a key role in sea turtle awareness and rescue efforts that he has championed since his youth.

Medical reform going global

Nations across the world are moving forward to improve the medical qualification process for general aviation pilots. In what appears to be the “shot heard around the world,” medical reform continues to expand across borders. Australia is the latest country to adopt new medical qualifications and allow GA pilots to visit a general practitioner, similar