Camarillo conclave

Around 5,000 pilots and visitors, and 390 airplanes all converged on California’s Camarillo Airport April 28 and 29 to kick off this year’s round of AOPA regional fly-ins in style. …read more Via:: AOPA       

Members sizing up BasicMed

As thousands of pilots hurried to get on board with the FAA’s new BasicMed rules that will allow eligible pilots to fly starting May 1 without a third class medical certificate, members kept the AOPA Pilot Information Center on its toes fielding procedural questions and requests for guidance. Mostly, expressions of relief and delight that

Uber promises flying cars by 2020

Silicon Valley put down an ambitious marker in Dallas, with the multibillion dollar, international ride-sharing giant Uber on April 25 predicting that long-elusive, practical flying cars will arrive by 2020, ready to be scaled for the masses. …read more Via:: AOPA       

Military withdraws plan for Florida temporary restricted areas

The Air Force has withdrawn a proposal AOPA had opposed to establish temporary restricted areas south of the Eglin Air Force Base Range Complex near Santa Rosa Island, Florida, to test technology to counter unmanned aircraft systems. …read more Via:: AOPA       

Perlan soars near stratosphere

Airbus Perlan Project Chief Pilot Jim Payne expects the 17-mile vertical climb he aims to make in a glider will be easier than some might think. …read more Via:: AOPA