Switch to ICAO flight plan form delayed until fall

The FAA will put off until fall 2017 the requirement for pilots to use the international flight plan format, also known as the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) format, for all civil flight plans filed with flight service for flights within the National Airspace System and to Canada. …read more Via:: AOPA       

AeroShell over the beach

A flight of four AT-6 Texans arced gracefully overhead in impeccable formation, working as one to draw familiar shapes—hearts, arcs, and circles—in airshow smoke. The orange-and-white AeroShell livery is as recognizable as any on the American show circuit today, but this setting was perhaps a little more exotic than most. …read more Via:: AOPA       

Bahamas by quadcopter

A seemingly simple up-and-down quadcopter flight over a Bahamian beach during a break between airshow acts proved to be quite the aeronautical challenge. Even with the airspace clear of manned aircraft and the show’s air operations staff watching from a few feet away, several risks and potential hazards required careful mitigation, focus, and a landing

Aviation in spotlight at Massachusetts Statehouse

Aviation took the spotlight recently at the Massachusetts Statehouse in Boston for an “On The Hill” Advocacy Day hosted by the Massachusetts Airport Management Association, and AOPA was on hand. …read more Via:: AOPA       

Cirrus defines the personal jet

Call it what you want—The-Jet, the SJ50, the SF50, the Vision Jet—but the first single-engine general aviation jet is ready for prime time after a decade of development. For lack of an official name at the time, Cirrus called it The-Jet, unveiling it to anxious prospective customers and the media on a balmy Minnesota June