Some years ago, droning along near Tucson, Arizona, on our way back from Alabama to our then-home in Southern California, we spotted an astounding sight. Below us were literally thousands of military airplanes lined up, row after row, neatly arranged by aircraft type. Dozens of gigantic B-52 bombers sat with their wings cut off. Other rows held intact B-1 bombers, C-130s, huge Galaxies, AWACs, and squadron after squadron of F-4s, F-14s, and other fighters. Enough air power to lay waste to entire continents, all just sitting in broad daylight. “We have to go see that!” I exclaimed, and so we did, landing a few minutes later at Tucson International Airport—once again demonstrating the freedom general aviation pilots have in the United States to fly and land almost anywhere at will. Over subsequent visits we discovered how much Tucson has to offer the visitor, especially in the winter months, starting in early November with America’s largest Dia de los Muertos procession.

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