Product Realization Pop Quiz
Mon, 04/18/2016 – 17:42

How well do you understand Product Realization?
Aerospace and Defense companies such as yours are looking for ways to gain insight into program decisions that impact cost, timing and quality. To effectively compete and achieve program execution excellence, you need to make manufacturing a core part of the development process.

Put your Product Realization knowledge to test with this pop quiz. Complete the short quiz and be entered to win one of two $50 Amazon gifts cards!

To help you with the answers, please download the white paper Product realization facilitates a collaborative approach.


Test Your Product Realization Knowledge
What is product realization for Aerospace and Defense companies?

It is the final phase of the project

It is a process-driven approach to the entire manufacturing lifecycle starting with “Concept to build” through “Build to delivery”

It is the decision that a design meets all requirements of OEMs and suppliers
How does a product realization solution support program execution excellence?

Through simulation of production alternatives to virtually verify the manufacturing processes and tooling throughout the entire manufacturing lifecycle – full digital twin

Through concurrent maturing of manufacturing processes and tooling with the design thus impacting the design prior to release

Through integration of advanced manufacturing technologies and automation with the ability to virtually commission robotics and CNC equipment

Through the ability to trace a requirement to a design feature to an inspection within the electronic work instructions – complete digital thread

Through the ability to easily and electronically compare the as-designed to as-built for delivery – complete digital thread

All of the above
Name the product realization strategy that helps understand the manufacturing implications of multiple design alternatives. (See page 6 of the white paper.)

Shift left

Shift right

Shift up

Shift down
Which of the following is not a benefit of implementing the shift left strategy?

The program team can make manufacturing decisions concurrently with the product design

Reduces the number of program changes and ensures smooth transition from product development to production

Links requirements to individual test request, test procedure and instrumentation

Provides the early digital twin to enable virtual verification as the digital twin matures along with product design
Which are the benefits of an ERP-PLM-MES integration?

Seamless delivery of 3D work instructions from PLM to MES

Shop floor access to released computer numerical control (CNC) programs

Ability to digitally compare the as-built to as-designed in a single system

Ability to virtually commission robotics and automation

All of the above

None of the above
Test Your Product Realization Knowledge
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