April 8, 2014
The EPA issued a PR Notice on April 4 that allows registrants to voluntarily issue legally enforceable web-based product labels.


All pesticide products still must be accompanied by a physical copy of an EPA-approved label, but the new process will allow pesticide registrants to include a reference to a website from which pesticide applicators can download enforceable labeling. Applicators could then go to that website and download a “streamlined” version of the pesticide label, containing all necessary hazard and first aid statements and any relevant state- or site-specific use directions.


EPA stated that they believe this will allow faster updates of labels, and make them clearer to understand.


Applicators have the option to comply with instructions on either the web-based label or physical label. Applicators will still be responsible for complying with applicable requirements (state regulations) that require users to maintain a copy of the labeling used for application. EPA maintains that the use of web-based labels would not impose any additional record-keeping requirements on users.


The EPA PR notice can be reviewed here.

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