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Privacy Policy

Roy Neal Risk Management

We value our clients and seriously respect their rights to personal privacy. Please note below our policies regarding non-public personal information and the gathering, securing, use and sharing thereof.

Roy Neal Risk Management does not sell consumer information.

Roy Neal Risk Management makes every effort to protect the confidentiality of our clients’ personal and consumer information.
Roy Neal Risk Management does not share client medical information, except in the following instances: 1) the client officially authorizes it; 2) it is required or allowed by law; and 3) the client’s insurance policy contract permits us to do so.

Former and prospective clients are assured the same protection - with regard to personal information and its use - as are current clients.

Roy Neal Risk Management gathers, maintains and uses information necessary to carry out our business and provide service to our clients, as requested by those clients. Examples may include: Information necessary for communication, such as addresses, telephone numbers, etc., and outside source information, such as claims history, driving record, etc.

Roy Neal Risk Management may disclose client information to those entities as are permitted or required by law.

Roy Neal Risk Management shares only information necessary to process a claim and protect the client from unauthorized exchanges or from fraud.

Roy Neal Risk Management makes every effort to safeguard its customer information. Updates to practices and policies, including our computer network, are constantly monitored.

For more information, or to ask questions about our privacy policy, please contact the Amarillo office at 806.376.6301.