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Michigan airport surveys users on growth

A general aviation airport just northeast of Detroit’s Class B airspace has launched an online survey to help officials weigh the merits of lengthening its 4,000-foot runway to 5,000 feet or more. …read more Via:: AOPA       

Enrollment up at many aviation colleges

Enrollment at aviation colleges and universities is on the rise, and the trend signals the beginning of a long-awaited boost in the number of young people pursuing aviation careers, according to educators at major aviation institutions and industry professionals. They noted that lucrative careers in medicine, law, or business had previously drained potential pilots, mechanics,

The art of disaster response by drone

Few people in the world have more firsthand experience flying drones in disaster areas than Justin Adams, the man behind the wheel as we worked our way along the Mount Baker Highway, winding through thick forest, approaching an active volcano that the U.S. Geological Survey considers a “very high” potential threat. The plan was to